For Families

For Families

Do You Have Questions About Your Child’s Development?

Early Intervention Can Help!

No two children are the same – each one is unique. Most differences are nothing to worry about, but in some children, the differences signal a need for early intervention.

If you are concerned about your child’s development, we present the basics here to get you started.

Why is Early Intervention Important?

Positive early experiences are essential prerequisites for later success in school, the workplace, and the community. Building the capacity and confidence of families to support their infant or toddler who is at risk for developmental delays has been shown to positively impact outcomes across developmental domains, including health, language and communication, and cognitive and social/emotional development.

Families benefit from early intervention by being able to meet their child’s needs from an early age and throughout their lives.

Is this Typical Development?

If you are worried about your child’s development, do not wait! The years from birth to age three are so important. Talk with your child’s pediatrician about your concerns.

Review the list of typical developmental milestones.

How Do I Refer My Child?

Anyone may refer a child to UF North Central Early Steps as soon as there is a concern for a developmental delay. Our Intake Service Coordinators are here to assist you in learning about our program. Click the button below to submit a referral online.

Intake Service Coordinator

Angela Ankrom

Phone: (352) 273-8560
Fax: (352) 294-8088
Service Area: Marion Co.

Intake Service Coordinator

Virginia Rivera

Phone: (352) 273-8556
Fax: (352) 294-8088
Service Areas: Alachua, Columbia, Dixie, Gilchrest, Hamilton, Lafayette, Levy, Suwannee, and Union

Family Resource Specialists

The Family Resource Specialist (FRS) is a parent or caregiver of a child who received Early Steps services. The FRS works with the Local Early Steps to help families of children in the Early Steps system by providing information and support, and by connecting them with other parent organizations and community supports.

The FRS can assist you with:

  • Obtaining funds to attend a conference
  • Finding local parent-to-parent support and playgroups
  • Providing information and helping you to access community supports and resources such as housing, financial assistance, disaster preparedness, child care, and health care.
  • Learning your rights