National Outcomes

Every state is required to report information on child progress for the National Outcomes. For us at UF North Central Early Steps, these outcomes tell us how our program is helping you and your family. The National Outcomes consist of the following:

Family Outcomes

Every year, for a period of three months, we ask families preparing to leave UF North Central Early Steps to provide us with feedback by answering an online Family Outcomes Survey.

We ask families to tell us how as a result of the individualized support and services families received, they will:

  • Know their rights
  • Effectively communicate their child’s needs
  • Help their child develop and learn

Child Outcomes

The three child outcomes include functional skills and behaviors that are important for a child’s participation in day-by-day routines across settings and situations.

Children will demonstrate improved:

  • Positive social-emotional skills and social relationships
  • Acquisition of knowledge of skills including language and communication
  • Use of appropriate behaviors to meet their needs
Child Outcome Flye

Child Outcomes Summary (COS)

The Child Outcomes Summary (COS) process is the tool we use to determine Child Outcomes. As a parent, is important for you to know where your child is in their development and what comes next. The COS is a team process that takes multiple sources of information and combines them to create a snapshot of your child’s development. The flyer “Where is my child’s development and what comes next?”, has more information about Child Outcome Summary and ways you can support your child’s development.